How to choose your SUP

SUPs can be categorized following dimensions, materials and activity. It is important to make you fit your needs to this variety of boards.


Length, width and thickness of a SUP define, together with its shape, its volume.

This, depending on the board’s construction, gives us its capacity (Maximum weight that a board can hold).

Our SUPs’ capacity is always indicated in the info section.


There are two macro-categories of SUPs based on their construction: inflatables and hard boards.

Inflatable boards

  • Easily transportable because, when deflated and folded, they can comfortably be put in its backpack
  • Shock resistant
  • Perfect for beginners
hurricane inflatable sup outride tom caruso

Hard Boards


Made out of materials like bamboo, fiberglass and carbon fiber

  • Hard and compact
  • Responsive and performing
  • Great both for waves and recreation
grizzly sup outride tom caruso


Fiberglass boards covered by an ABS shell

  • Shock super-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for rentals
zenith abs outride tom caruso sup


These board have their deck totally covered with soft EVA

  • Absorb eventual falls on the board
  • Perfect to relax and take sunshine
  • Great for schools and recreation
zero sup soft outride tom caruso 2020

SUPs can be distinguished by the type of activity they are studied for.


  • High buoyancy
  • Rounded shapes
  • Very versatile
  • Perfect for recreational use, walks and games

SUP surf

  • High performing shapes
  • Precisely balanced materials in order to be as light as possible
  • Very precise and responsive
  • Born to surf waves


  • Wide surface covered with soft EVA
  • Proper width to guarantee space for any type of exercise
  • Great stability
  • Attachable to the Island (air platform)