Ride Fish


  • Dimensions: 33 1/2″ x 10”
  • Deck: 7 plies Canadian maple
  • Wave concave
  • Grip tape: Transparent
  • Truck: Cosmic
  • Integrated trucks
  • Bushings: 88A SHR
  • Wheels: SHR 83A PU, 75 x 56 mm – Glossy finished
  • Bearings: Abec 9 with integrated spacers
  • Applied risers: 3 x 3 mm (per truck)

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The first impression you have when riding this board is to surf on a modern fish, agile and light with performances pretty close to a short board while still maintaining vintage boards’ flow and comfort.

This feeling is provided by its 10” wide deck realised with 7 plies of Canadian maple. The Ride Fish is a multi-purpose board that you will appreciate both on flat grounds and in those wave-like structures where you will be able to perform quick round house cut backs and powerful re-entries. Its pronounced nose kick together with its Diamond truck will help you closing radical reverts without losing the contact with the board.

What are you waiting for? RIDE FISH!


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  • The Flush cuts allow risers and trucks to be inserted in the deck in order to increase the cushioning while remaining very close to the ground.
  • The Wheel wells keep the board low even with the use of 75 mm wheels since they avoid the contact between them and the bottom of the deck.
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Its name says everything! The sensation we will feel from the first turns is incredibly close to that of a Keel fin, great fluency, precision and grip while providing a high sliding power and light tale. Its high deformability mixed with a great rebound accompanies us from a soft and exact entrance to a reactive and controlled exit. The rounded edges of this wheel will project us to powerful pumpings and progressive slides. Its large 75 mm diameter with a contact area of 56 mm will make our surfing linear and constant. With no speed loss between the different manoeuvers we will maintain great inertia and fluidity. We will feel no more obstacle or roughness of the flooring: it will be an eternal glassy day.

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Super fluid and resistant, these are the right bearings to reach cosmic speeds on your board. Integrated spacers and washers make them compact and super practical.

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