Marketing 360 srl accepts payments made through PayPal.
Customers who have not got a PayPal account may use their own credit or prepaid card as unregistered PayPal users.
All transactions shall take place through a PayPal-guaranteed connection, protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and encrypted.
As a consequence, data are transmitted safely and they cannot be accessed by Tom Caruso or anyone else.
PayPal shall be liable for the conservation and automatic processing in a protected environment of the information related to each order, including financial information such as credit card number, expiry date and security code.
Marketing 360 srl shall never obtain credit card information, therefore it shall not be able to archive or store it in any way.
PayPal shall not charge costs to the user for making a single payment through its service (even if such payment may be subject to fees in case of currency exchange or if it is made by a third party, e.g. the credit card issuer).
The information the user must supply to PayPal in order to make a single payment includes the credit or prepaid card data and other data displayed on the web pages in which the user requests PayPal to make the payment.
Upon payment, Marketing 360 srl shall request the customer’s address, which shall be used exclusively to ship the purchased items and shall not be transmitted to third parties or used by the company for purposes other than the sale.
A customer deciding to pay through his/her own PayPal account must confirm the shipping address or specify address variations, if any, and s/he may include a message for the seller.
The transaction cost shall be charged to the customer’s credit card only after the data supplied have been verified and the credit card issuer has authorized the charge.
Marketing 360 srl and the customer shall be notified simultaneously of the successful transaction with an email from PayPal.
A customer deciding to pay with other methods (wire transfer, money order, payment through other bank gateways) must get in contact with Marketing 360 srl (please refer to the Contacts section of the website).