Mini Keels


4 wheels set

  • 59 x 45 mm
  • SHR 78A
  • Glossy finishing
  • Round edge

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Introducing our Mini Keels! These 59mm diameter wheels are the perfect choice for those seeking a low-set setup for their board, delivering an unmatched surfskate or cruising experience. But that’s not all: these gems are also a dream come true for the little ones, allowing them to comfortably push with their feet on the ground and gradually gain confidence on the board. With a hardness of 78A, the Mini Keels are designed to provide exceptional cushioning on any surface. No more annoying pebbles or bumpy asphalt to hold you back! Feel your board become an extension of your body as you tackle sharp turns and immerse yourself in a smooth and dynamic performance. And don’t let the small size deceive you, because these wheels pack a punch and offer incredible grip that will leave you in awe. Mini Keels, extra power!

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