Kids Kit


Surfskate setting Kit

Mini Keels 4 wheels set:

  • 59 x 45 mm
  • Hardness: SHR 78A
  • Glossy finishing
  • Round edge

Quasar bushings set:

  • Hardness: 78A
  • 2 cylinders e 2 cones
  • Perfect for our Cosmic e Diamond trucks

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Elevate your child’s surfskate experience with the Kids Kit, designed to provide them with mind-blowing mini-surf sessions. The kit includes the Mini Keels and Quasar bushings, offering an exceptional setup tailored specifically for young riders. Outride’s Mini Keels are 59mm diameter wheels that allow them to comfortably push with their feet on the ground and gradually build confidence on the board. With a hardness of 78A, the Mini Keels provide exceptional cushioning on any surface, eliminating the annoyance of pebbles or uneven asphalt. A perfect connection will be created between the board and the surfer, resulting in a smooth and dynamic performance. And don’t be deceived by their small size, because the Mini Keels pack an extra power and grip that will leave you astonished. Completing the Mini Keels are the Quasar bushings. With a softness of 78A, these bushings offer exceptional responsiveness, allowing for sweet, water-like turns. Their vibrant fluorescent orange color adds a visually captivating touch. Paired with our Diamond and Cosmic trucks, they create the perfect combo. Enhance your child’s surfskate with the Kids Kit, then have fun surfing together!

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