Ganadu 3


  • Dimensions: 32″ x 10”
  • Deck: 7 plies of Candian Maple
  • Wave concave
  • Grip: Quartz microspheres


Complete version:

  • Truck: Cosmic
  • Bushings: 88A SHR
  • Wheels: SHR 78A PU, 75 x 56 mm – Stone Finished
  • Bearings: Abec 9 con spacers integrati
  • Applied risers: 2 x 3 mm (per truck)
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A single piece hand painted by Sardinian Artist Vincenzo Ganadu. It is part of a 3 works collection which he realized for Outride. The colors, the movement of the waves and the surfers’ dynamicity bring us into a mighty oceanic dream, pure and magic. The thick brush strokes make all this tangible while the tiny quartz microspheres, similar to sand grains, complete the finishing for a strong and resistant grip. The deck is our Easy Ride model, the key product of the surfskate collection. It is a board created for the short board’s lovers who look for easy but radical surfing. The Cosmic truck, set with 75 x 56 mm (78A) wheels and Abec 9 bearings, will help you using all the inertia generated during the manoeuvres, both on flat grounds and lips. You will be able to do an infinite number of turns passing from deep bottom to round re-entries while maintaining a cosmic speed.

surfskate art edition outride ganadu


Ganadu’s painting is characterized by most impressionist touch, realized in action, without definitions: in this movement the act of surfing is proposed again as a fluid action, since the act is neither repeated nor imposed.The pictorial style sums up the athlete’s movement on the surfboard at the precise moment of the wave.This technique is a voluntary act of the artist, for which the pictorial gesture must be understood as an unrepeatable gesture, not to be confused with photography or illustration.Artistic production ranges from painting to sculpture, from body painting to murals, a surf-art whose common denominator is a shared harmony. Vincenzo Ganadu is a complete and innovative artist at the same time, able to revive art, whenever his spirit demands it.

The wide variety of painted images by Ganadu Art is all here and is the fruit of 15 years of artistic activity where surfing has always been the source of inspiration. They are original works which are appreciated for their distinct style throughout the world, as evidenced by the various publications and organisations who have used them over the years for things as diverse as calendars, event posters (surfing contests), trophies, stamps for t-shirts, and even covers for magazines – the list goes on! The works of Ganadu Art can be found across the globe in places such as France, Portugal, California, Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Australia and China, where they add colour and style to the homes of iconic figures from the world of surfing.



Its name says everything! The sensation we will feel from the first turns is incredibly close to that of a Keel fin, great fluency, precision and grip while providing a high sliding power and light tale. Its high deformability mixed with a great rebound accompanies us from a soft and exact entrance to a reactive and controlled exit. The rounded edges of this wheel will project us to powerful pumpings and progressive slides. Its large 75 mm diameter with a contact area of 56 mm will make our surfing linear and constant. With no speed loss between the different manoeuvers we will maintain great inertia and fluidity. We will feel no more obstacle or roughness of the flooring: it will be an eternal glassy day.

keel wheel surfskate outride ruote


Super fluid and resistant, these are the right bearings to reach cosmic speeds on your board. Integrated spacers and washers make them compact and super practical.

bearings outride surfskate cuscinetti

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Weight 8.5 kg

Complete, Only deck