Air Phoenix 7’11”


  • Size: 7’11″ x 31” x 5”
  • Volume: 185 L
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Capacity*: 90 Kg
  • Hydrofoil base: Double
  • Included fins: 2 Central Quick-in fins
  • Integrated fins: 2 Lateral pvc fins
  • Paddle, pump, leash, kit repair and backpack included

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The perfect board to approach the Wing world. Besides its hydrofoil base, the Air Phoenix comes with two side fins plus two central US boxes to make you learn at low altitudes. It is also provided with a base plant to use it as a wind-sup. Finally its pad is studied to guarantee the best traction in any condition also thanks to its special kick.



  • The dropstitch guarantees great sturdiness and rigidity to the board.
  • The single PVC layer provides an incredible lightness.
  • The handle is reinforced for a long-term resistance against the atmospheric agents.
  • The EVA crocs cover skin gives an strong non-slip effect without being uncomfortable under the feet.
  • The added kickpad creates a fundamental support spot to use when surfing.
  • Adaptable for Windsurf sails

*Capacity: recommended weight limit for beginner skill level. Advanced and expert users can easily exceed the value.

Wing Foil

The hydrofoil is a revolutionary technology that is changing the world of SUP and water sports in general. It is an aerodynamic structure composed of a lifting surface called a foil which, when in motion, lifts the board above the water, reducing resistance and allowing for impressive speeds. The hydrofoil was invented in the 1960s, but it is only in recent years that it has become widespread in water sports such as surfing, kiteboarding, and SUP. Its application in this last sport, in particular, has allowed riders to maximize wave riding, allowing them to explore new levels of speed and manoeuvrability. One of its main applications is in Wing Foil, a discipline that is becoming popular among riders worldwide. With specific boards like our Air Phoenix and an inflatable sail, it provides a sense of freedom and lightness that cannot be found in any other water sport. Thanks to its ability to lift the board above the water, the rider seems to “fly” on the water, with a feeling of total control over their board. Wing Foil requires a bit of experience and balance, but it is relatively easy to learn for those who already have a good mastery of SUP or kiteboarding.

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