Air Hurricane 10′


  • Rigid, sturdy, light and safe
  • Dimensions: 10’ x 33” x 6”
  • Volume: 240 L
  • Weight: 10.5 Kg
  • Capacity*: 135 Kg
  • Included fin: US 9”
  • Included paddle
  • Included pump
  • Included leash
  • Included repair kit
  • Included backpack

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Air Hurricane is Outride’s best seller among inflatables SUP: light, safe, sturdy and rigid. These characteristics are achieved through the use of both Double Chamber and Fusion Technologies It is suitable to be used in different surroundings like seas, lakes, rivers. It is complete and easy to ride, often used in schools and rentals.


Double Chamber Technology

outride dropstitch fusion double chamber sup


The double chamber provides extra safety in case of a potential puncture, guaranteeing a return to the shore. Born as an aid element in the rescue field, it is now available on our all-round SUPs.


The longitudinal placement of the second chamber increases the overall rigidity of the board, getting closer to the feeling of riding hard boards.

Fusion Technology

outride dropstitch fusion double chamber sup


The double layer of PVC strengthens the board and makes it more sensitive on the water. This solution also increases its resistance against punctures.


Thanks to heat sealing process it was possible to eliminate the use of glue, therefore the weight was starkly reduced. The result is a super resistant and light SUP.

*Capacity: recommended weight limit for beginner skill level. Advanced and expert users can easily exceed the value.

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