Outride is a sea story. Written by seafolk. Our projects, passions and dreams come from the sea. Our core values are enclosed inside every product we make, aiming to materialize the big dream of a life spent walking barefoot on the sand. But dreams don’t come from nothingness. They are built up. And it takes time, devotion and a bit of madness. To feel free, indeed, you have to go beyond limits and conventions.

This is why we continuously question our products and the industrial process behind them. We always look for the best way to make them.
This is why we experiment possible future evolutions of each sport together with athletes who devoted their life to the sport itself, combining foolishness, creativity and experience.

This is why we interpret the graphics of our products as proper artistic projects in which we involve illustrators and artists from different backgrounds and experiences.
Outride is a story with its footprints on the sand, following a path going from the sea to the world.


Our e-commerce is increasingly more efficient thanks to the integration with company processes and the introduction of new rapid prototyping technologies made possible by the contribution received thanks to the “Outride 4.0” project, financed by the POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020.

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